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Seafarers may now apply for a visa at the VAC for Greece

Kindly be informed that seafarers and maritime companies may now apply at the Visa Application Center for Greece in Manila for a Schengen C type visa.
In order to book an appointment at the Manila VAC for Greece, please send us an email at providing the information listed below:

1. Company Name
2. Applicant's Name
3. Applicant's Surname
4. Applicant's Passport Number
5. Passport date of issue and expiry date
6. Applicant's Nationality
7. Applicant's Date of birth
8. Date of departure
9. Desired date of submission

Our staff will contact you to clarify further details, if necessary, and to confirm the date and time of your visit. Please, note that for groups of applicants the details of all applicants are required.
We encourage you that, before attending the appointment to submit your visa application at the Manila VAC for Greece, you ensure that you have all the required documents and that the application form is fully filled-in. Following this, we advise you to download, print out and fill in the respective checklist which contains and explains what documents you need to hand in along with your passport on the day of your appointment at the Manila VAC.